Machine Learning

Theoritical machine learning videos created by me. Content is inspired from the Introduction to statistical learning book. ... Read more


Slopegraphs in python

Slopegraphs are always introduced as being introduced by this Edward Tufte post, though this page is my top Google hit for “slopegraph.” I’m not sure if the kind of plot I’m talking about is technically a slopegraph, but in my academic circles that’s usually the term we end up settling on after a conversation that almost always sounds like, “you know, those plots which are kind of like boxplots except the paired points are connected with lines.” ... Read more

Blogging with jupyter notebooks and jekyll

One of the last parts before my full-fledged transition to github pages from wordpress was figuring out how to post nicely formatted jupyter notebooks. This was actually the reason I wanted to switch in the first place, but it turns out it wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped! I think I’ve found an acceptable, though imperfect, way to do this: here’s the general process I’ve settled on. ... Read more